Humanizing Blog Marketing

This week’s Say It For You blog posts are centered around marketing advice. Yasmin Bandror of socialmediatoday makes note of several marketing trends, with the #1 piece of advice being  “Humanize your business!”.  

“At the end of the day,” Bandror remarks, “business is about people, right? People are thoroughly attracted to interesting, sincere personalities and to the human element and the person behind the business…Find your own voice, inject your own special personality into your brand and into each piece of content.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.  In fact, I often do stress that very point to newbie blog content writers,  because one interesting perspective on the work we do as professional bloggers is that we translate clients’ corporate message into human, people-to-people terms.

That’s the reason I prefer first and second person writing in business blog posts over third person “reporting”. I think people tend to buy when they see themselves in the picture and when can they relate emotionally to the person bringing them the message.

I like to compare the interaction between blog writers and online readers to behavioral job interviews.  These don’t focus on facts, but attempt to reveal the way the prospective employee functions, discovering the person behind the resume.

Just as employers want to know how reliable you’ve been in the past, your blog posts need to include stories about how you solved client problems, and what lessons you’ve learned through your experiences that you’ll be applying in your dealings with them should they choose to become your customers.

Who, exactly, are you?  Readers of your business blog posts should be able to tell for sure!

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