“I Have A Business Blog Because….” How Would You Complete The Sentence?

As part of the marketing team for each of my professional ghost-blogging clients, I’m always paying attention to ads, billboards, and promotions that I can relate to blogs.  One advertisement for KinderCare Learning Centers caught my eye the other day, because it asked readers to complete a sentence:

I went to school to become a teacher because….

1. I love to learn
2. I love to teach
3. I love children
4. I want to make a difference in the world
5. All of the above

Business owners, I find, start blogs (or have me start one for them) for different reasons, too. I not only spend lots of time planning, researching, and writing blog posts, I spend a great deal of time discussing business blogging, particularly with entrepreneurs who’ve heard about blogging but aren’t completely sold on the strategy.

One of my own favorites among bloggers is Seth Godin, and he’s noticed the same thing about the variety of motivations business people have for getting into any new activity, blogging included.  There are four types of people in the world, Godin remarks. 

Some people want to do things because those things are interesting.  Some people want to do things because everyone else is doing those things.  Some people are too satisfied, too scared, too shy, or too lazy to do anything.  And then, says Godin, some people want to do things because those things work!

For me, one of the most interesting aspects of my work as a ghost blogger has to do with the discussions I have with business owners about the right tone and right emphasis for their blog posts.  The very process of talking about the business brand and the best way to get the message across to readers quite often turns out to be a process of self-discover for the owner! It’s as if the business brand is being re-invented as we go!

So, whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur with a long-running business blog, or a newbie entrepreneur, try your hand at completing the sentence below:

I blog because…


  • Blogging helps me bring my message to my niche market.  
  • Blogging’s the latest "thing" and I don’t want to be left behind.
  • Everybody seems to be doing it.
  • I want my business to get found online.
  • I can reach potential customers whom I would never meet any other way.
  • Blogging is just one tactic in my overall marketing plan, but I want to take advantage of every opportunity to help my business.
  • All of the above????



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