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BillboardsThe billboard at the side of the highway read simply 1-866-YOU-HERE, a Call to Action if ever I’ve seen one. The question, of course, was whether or not I, driving my PT Cruiser up I-465, would see myself there on that billboard. 

In fact, as a professional ghost blogger offering corporate blogging assistance, I’d say the ultimate challenge blog content writers face is getting readers to "see" themselves using the products and services described in the blog posts Can readers, from your words, "feel" how much safer, healthier, financially secure, and more attractive they’ll be, once having availed themselves of your help?

The giant rectangle with the "I see you here" message that I viewed from the road was obviously a billboard.  By contrast, the majority of traffic to any business blog, as author/speaker Debbie Weil points out, comes from first time visitors, many of whom might not realize that what they are reading is a blog!  In corporate blogging for business, therefore, the I-see-you-as-a-customer message is, by definition, indirect, with Indianapolis blog writers painting pictures in readers’ minds through words.

To facilitate viewing, the billboard was positioned quite a number of feet above the highway level.  A Weber Communications blog advises doing the same think with Calls to Action in blog writing, positioning those CTA’s above the "scroll" line.  That, advises Weber, "gives you the opportunity to draw response from more subscribers…With your Call to Action up high, they can just glance and click.". 
The billboard’s simple CTA of 1-866-YOU-HERE was the entire message.  In blogs, though, Weber advises providing multiple calls to the same action.  What I like to remind business bloggers in corporate blogging training sessions is to provide several different options for readers, including

  • read more
  • subscribe to an email newsletter or to the blog itself
  • download something
  • contact
  • answer a question
  • take a survey

Importantly, the billboard fell directly into my visual path as I drove north on the highway.  As a freelance blog writer, I try to put Calls to Action in readers’ line of vision by using bolding, linking, or italics, and by separating content into short paragraphs. In offering business blogging help, I stress this rule:

Call attention to your Calls to Action!

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