In Blogging for Business, Does “Even” Mean “Ahead”?

At Say It For You, we deal in blog content writing, not political rhetoric. Still, Karl Rove’s commentary on Mitt Romney’s campaign has several gems that apply to SEO marketing blogs.

“Wednesday’s Gallup poll had President Barach Obama and Mitt Romney essentially tied,” Rove’s piece in the Wall Street Journal begins, adding that “Mr.Obama’s numbers are driven by the bad economy.

It’s Rove’s advice to the Romney campaign that makes this article relevant to freelance blog content writers, I think.

People want to do business with people.  That’s why I teach business bloggers in Indianapolis to get down and personal when providing business blogging services to business owners or professional practitioners.

In Mr. Romney’s convention speech, Rove states, he “should talk about his father’s modest upbringing, his wife’s illness, and his wealth.  Americans know nothing about the first, little about the second, and much about the third. Mr. Romney can show more of his personal side, which would reveal a man of enormous decency and good character.”

Business owners can become so focused on marketing strategy and tactics development through blogging, they forget that the blog needs to express who and what they are, or to put it another way, what their belief systems are. What makes them tick? What ticks them off about their industry?  Just as Rove is saying Romney needs to come across as a “real person”, the same is true for business owners and professionals connecting with blog readers.

“This will be Mr. Romneys’ best moment to provide insights into his character, share the values that guide him…”, cautions Rove, referring to the convention speech to come.

Business blog writers have many of those “best moments”, with each blog post providing its own opportunity to reveal the real people standing behind the products and the services and to make a real connection with online searchers who need those products and services

In blog writing for business, you want to stay “even” with your competitors in attracting online traffic, but for “even” to translate into “ahead”, it’s going to take getting down and personal!

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