In Blogging, Inflate, But Don’t Overload

The Home Economics section in the Indianapolis Star a couple of weeks ago offered the welcome news that "Just because a dish is basic – or better yet – easy and affordable, doesn't mean it can't be fabulous."  The Star went on to offer a list of 13 ways to cut energy costs.

How-to lists, by the way, are a good way to offer helpful information to your blog readers, especially if there's a unique slant to your list or unusual suggestions.
Three of the items on the Star's how-to-save-energy-costs list are unusually apt advice – for bloggers:
Check your tires often and keep them inflated.  (Fuel efficiency dropped 1.3 miles per gallon when the tires were deflated 10%, in a test of a Toyota Camry) Often's the operative word here – your blog content may be wonderful, but if your last post was sometime back in May, you're losing  efficiency in a big way when it comes to "driving" traffic to your website.  It's well-nigh impossible for once-in-a-while blogging to "win search".

Don't overload the dryer, advises the Star. (Clothes will take longer to dry and come out wrinkled.)   The Quamut blogging guide, after explaining that "good writing is the bedrock of blogging", hastens to add that "Web readers have a very limited attention span."  Keep it informative, but keep it short. ('Nuf said on that one!)

Open blinds and shades on cold days.  (Solar heat can raise interior temperature significantly.) You can "open up" your blog by inviting comments and answering them promptly, and by linking to other blogs that you find interesting or informative.

Thirteen's a little long for a blog list; three may be just right.  Inflate your blog with frequency, don't overload the content, and you'll do just fine. Just because your blog is about basic business marketing, doesn't mean it can't be fabulous! 











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