In Blogs, One + One + One = Infinity!

Understanding why blogs beat websites hands-down when it comes to winning search engine rankings is a matter of simple addition.

See, if a searcher is using a particular phrase in asking a question or looking for a product or service, the search engine wants to make as close a match as possible between the question and the answer, the problem and the solution, between the need and the product or service. An apt explanation was given by local SEO maven Ken Zwiegel's metaphor: Google likes to say "Gotcha!". 

The problem, points out Chris Baggott of Compendium Bogware, is that the typical website has only a finite amount of space for text.  It's nearly impossible to have a large volume of content that targets all the key words that relate to that business. On the other hand, Baggott explains, blogging doesn't have those constraints, because blog content stays around forever.  As new content is added, all the formerly posted content moves "down" a spot to make room, but remains on the blogsite, adding to the cumulative number of repetitions of key words and phrases! "The more content, the more chances you have to use the keywords you want to be found on," adds Baggott.

When I explain the concept of cumulative blog content, I use a real estate analogy.  Blogging for business is somewhat like building "equity" in real estate. Since the whole idea behind Search Engine Optimization is to move your business name higher in the rankings on search engines (when someone is online searching for information in your field of expertise, for a service you provide or a product you sell), you want your name to come up on Page One.  The more relevant and cumulative content you've posted using your key words and phrases, the more likely that is to happen. Cumulative blogging, I like to say, is what "saves your real estate spot!"

In blogging for business, one + one + one = infinity!

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