In Business Blogging or Medical Brochures, It’s All in the Approach

To pass the time while waiting to get my flu shot, I browsed handouts at my doctor’s office.  In each one of the three St. Vincent brochures I picked up, the writer had taken a different approach in presenting the information. Each approach, I realized, is one that we freelance blog content writers might take in presenting information to blog readers.

1. Creating awareness that new solutions exist for problems readers are experiencing:
“Don’t just treat your vein problems.  Solve them.”

The brochure goes on to list the risk factors for spider and varicose veins, and then list treatment options to discuss with the doctor: Radiofrequency closure, laser-light therapy, sclerotherapy, and venous duplex imaging.

Marketing blogs will succeed, I teach business owners and practitioners, only if it’s clear you (the business owner or professional practitioner) understand online searchers’ concerns and needs, and that you and your staff have the experience, the information, the products, and the latest technology to solve exactly those problems and meet precisely those needs.

2. Offering business blog readers a course of action that puts them in greater control.
“Women & Stroke: The more I know now, the sooner I can do something about it.”

There is no cure, at least not yet, the brochure informs women, but it can be controlled.  More exercise, losing weight, limiting salt and alcohol intake and certain medications can control the risk, readers are reminded.

In blogging for business, does asking the customer to take action invalidate the good information provided in the piece? Not at all. The reader wants to feel she’s in control of her destiny. As long as your material is valuable and relevant for the searchers, I teach in corporate blogging training sessions, they’re perfectly fine knowing there’s someone who wants their business.

3. Offering lists of resources or lists of informational items.
“Exercising Guidelines for Adults”

This brochure lists components of an exercise program, including warm-up, stretching, aerobics, and cool-down. Turning ideas about your product or service into lists is one piece of blog content writing advice I’ve been sharing with business owners and professional practitioners for years.

From doctor’s office brochures to content in  the blogosphere, it’s all in the approach!

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