In Career Fairs or Business Blogging, Every Contact Counts

man with name tagApply the Rule of 12, advises Mindy Weaver-Flask, writing in the Indianapolis Star. Since more than 70% of human resource departments rely on job fairs to recruit employees, it’s crucial for job seekers, Weaver-Flask explains, to make a good first impression.

In doing corporate blogging training, I don’t typically use the number twelve. The general ideas Weaver-Flask suggests for capturing positive attention, though, are an excellent fit for corporate blog writing:

"12 feet, 12 inches, 12 minutes. Sometimes that’s all it takes
before a hiring decision is made."

As a freelance SEO copywriter offering business blogging help, I know we have far less than those "three twelves" at our disposal for any business’ marketing strategy and tactics development.

"At 12 feet away, the recruiter is taking in the entire package." (Weaver-Flask’s conclusion: Don’t underestimate what you wear at the career fair.)

The distance between an online searcher’s eyes and your blog post on their computer screen may be only one foot, but the importance of a good first impression can hardly be overestimated. For clarity and visual appeal in business blog writing, use bolding and italics to highlight key points, and images and photos for color and appeal.

"When you’re 12 inches away, make eye contact, smile, and have a firm handshake," Weaver-Flask cautions.

In corporate blogging for business, the equivalent of a firm handshake are the opening lines of the blog post, which need to put the reader at ease by reassuring them they’ve come to precisely the right place to find all the information, services, and products they need.

"You likely won’t have a recruiter’s undivided attention for 12 minutes," warns Weaver-Flask. Her message to job seekers: Make the most of your time.

Blog content writers almost certainly won’t have anywhere near 12 minutes, and probably only seconds, to capture the attention of online readers. In fact, when offering business blogging assistance, I remind blog content writers that searchers tend to be scanners more than readers, and engaging their attention needs to happen within seconds of their clicking on your blog post.

At a career fair, the Rule of 12 emphasizes, every contact counts.  That’s at least twelve times as true in the blogosphere!


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