In Surgery Or Blogging, Outsourcing Can Do Your Clients A Service

Every so often, the question comes up again: If a business uses a ghost blogger, is that business playing fair?

When I first introduced my Say It For You blog, I traced the long, proud history of ghostwriting.  I explained that celebrities and public figures have always used ghost writers to help them create books, write speeches, produce autobiographies, compose articles, or even format important letters. The reason?  They lacked the time, the discipline, or the writing skills to do it themselves!  In fact, as I pointed out in one of my earliest blog posts, Ghost Blogging In The Tradition Of The Founding Fathers, George Washington used several very famous ghostwriters. Over the generations, world leaders, corporate moguls, and even famous performers  considered the urgency and importance of their message justification enough for hiring talent to get the job done.

I was very interested to read comments in the Journal of Financial Planning about  outsourcing professional services.  Many financial planners around the country work with their clients to create an overall financial plan, but then hire outside money managers to implement that plan by choosing and monitoring the specific stocks and bonds for the clients’ portfolios.  One Certified Financial Planner®  explained why: “If I were spending a lot of time on investment selection, I couldn’t do the premier job that I want to do for my clients,” she said. “There just aren’t enough hours in the day.”

Another planner added, “You’re doing your clients more of a service by hiring expertise for them.,” he remarked, comparing the situation to an internist who wouldn’t perform surgery himself, but brings in specialists as appropriate.

With blogging fast becoming an indispensable customer acquisition tool in our web-based world, ghost blogging becomes an outsourcing solution for busy business owners who dearly want to” win search”, but can’t find time to play in the blogging arena!

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