In Weddings or in Writing for Business, the Questions Are: What Will You Say to Each Other? To Your Guests?

wedding vowsReal Simple Weddings Magazine warns couples not to get so caught up in the concrete details of wedding planning that they leave their vows to the last minute. 

As part of corporate blogging training, I’d like to issue the same warning to business owners who’ve decided they need to add business blogging to their overall SEO marketing strategy. 

In the case of writing for business, the "vows" are the promises owners and employees make to themselves, and the promises they make in marketing to prospective clients and customers.

"Borrow wedding videos from other couples," advises Real Simple. "Think about what you like best and least and what you can adapt for your own vows." Great idea for blog content writers.  Reading others’ blogs, those in your own industry and those in related industries, can help you narrow down your content planning to "leitmotifs", general themes you plan to emphasize in your business blog posts.

Talk to each other, Real Simple advises the future bride and groom. As a content writer in Indianapolis offering business blogging assistance,  I have similar advice for owners and to the workers who create the products, take customer orders, provide services. If you had only one or two sentences to describe the essence of what value you add to customers’ lives, what would those sentences say?

"What will you say for your guests?" asks Real Simple, advising couples to consider integrating the guests in the ceremony.  In blogging for business, too, it’s important to incorporate content provided by  your visitors and "guests" through inviting comments, testimonials, and requests, and even through encouraging complaints.

Over my years of offering business blogging help, I’ve seen it again and again.  Business owners, particularly if they’re intimidated by the terminology and technology involved in selecting blog platforms, and planning SEO marketing strategy, become so caught up in the details, they forget that the most important question is "What shall we say to each other and to our online guests?"

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