Inches Off Your Tummy Puts Content on Your Business Blog

You wouldn't normally think of looking for blog content writing tips in a book on exercise, but, hey – "Reading around" means being alert for ideas wherever you can find them.  Okay, okay, so I didn't buy best-selling author Jorge Cruise's book "Inches Off Your Tummy" for pure business blogging purposes, and I hope that even a week from now, it'll be a leaner, trimmer me offering corporate blog writing training.  Still, there's so much about the content and organization of this book that's relevant to blog writing, I've decided to "curate" the insights in this week's Say It For You blog posts.

One thing I train business owners and professional practitioners to do when they're just beginning to blog is to start with a "Why a Blog About…" post.  Jorge Cruise does the same thing in the book, which he introduces by saying "I know what it's like to struggle with excess weight – I've lived it…Many people don't realize it, but I spent my formative years as the heavy kid in school."

Once the blog is up and going, of course, not every reader will be steered to that opening post, and in every post, the first two tasks of the content writer are to a) assure readers they've come to the right place to find the products, services, and guidance they were looking for, and b) show that the business owner is passionate about her field and that she care about them.

The opening post, though, needs to be there to introduce the subject.  In promoting the new blog to existing customers, the owners can send an email, including a link to that opening blog post.

Jorge Cruise ends his intro to the book by inviting readers to "share your story".  "I want to hear," he says encouragingly, "why you've decided to take proactive steps to change your life." I like that statement a lot. 

First, I recommend allowing reader comments on a business blog.  Worried about spam attacks? Set up the platform to require administrative approval before comments "go live".  Worried about negative comments? Think of those as a blessing.  In fact, business blogging is the ideal tool for you to respond quickly to complaints.  Many business owners report that solving a customer's problem resulted in those customers becoming loyal fans.

From the very first pages, we know why Cruise is writing his book. Telling readers shy you're starting a blog is a great way to make friends and create customers!

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