Incorporate Iconic Statements In Your Blog

In "Fall-ify Your Home" (veteran realtor and friend Dan Bowden of F.C. Tucker faithfully sends my copy of Tucker Talks) I found a juicy word tidbit.  Regular readers of my Say It For You Blogs know how I relish little word groups that convey big concepts or that conjure up multiple connections, and one sentence in Tucker Talks did just that:

 "Pumpkins and gourds are among the most iconic parts of autumn, and easy to incorporate in your décor."

Fall, of course, provides us with many visuals – yellow and red leaves, for example. Acorns. Squirrels. Cornucopias. But Tucker Talks is right – pumpkins and gourds capture the essence of the season.

If you’re a business blogger, you might do well to think about icons as well.  Your business may offer diverse products and services, and you may have much knowledge to share in your professional specialty.  But, to the extent you can incorporate iconic statements in blog posts to capture the essence of what your business is truly "about" – for you as well as what you hope to bring to your clients – you’re that much more likely to capture visitors’ interest.

As I’ve often mentioned these blog posts, one question I always pose to new business blogging clients is this:

 If you had only eight to ten words to describe why you’re passionate about what  
   what you know about, what you sell, and what you do, what would those words be?

But what if…your clients were given the task of explaining what you do in just three words?  Or in a picture?  Those are your icons! Make sure iconic statements find their way into each of your blog posts!


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