Indianapolis Blog Writers Should Count Flying Elephants

flying elephantsWhether that’s an accusation or a compliment, my friends tell me that ever since I became a professional ghost blogger and corporate blogging trainer, I’m spending a lot of time reading. I need to, because reading gives me ideas, and, for us blog content writers, ideas are nothing less than the vital fluids that keep SEO marketing blogs alive.

One little treasure of a book I discovered can be of business blogging assistance is Dance First, Think Later by Kathryn and Ross Petras., a compilation of rather offbeat quotes from famous figures on how to live life. A gem of a quote I found in that book, one that’s inordinately applicable to business blog writing, comes from writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

If you say that there are elephants flying in the sky, people are not going to believe you.  But if you say that there are four hundred and twenty five elephants in the sky, people will probably believe you. 

In blogging training sessions, I often stress, numbers are valuable tools in corporate blogging for business because they add both interest and credibility to any factual material.  So, in order to freshen up blog post content, I teach in corporate blogging training sessions, start with an idea about your product or service, then put a number to it:

          2 Simple Haircuts for Frizzy Hair
          3 Knottiest Problems of Home Repair and the Best Way to Tackle Them
          4 Tips to Add Color to Your Wardrobe

Whatever your business, the real point of the numbers is to offer valuable information, showcase your expertise, and demonstrate ways in which your product or service can help solve those knotty problems, provide color-adding wardrobe items, or coif their problem hair.

To add additional weight to the argument for using numbers as business blogging helpers, at least some Search Engine Optimization experts believe numbered lists are a favorite food for search engines and ought to be part of every SEO marketing blog.

In writing for business, are you remembering to count flying elephants?

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