Ingenious Internal Re-Purposing Tactic for Business Blog Content Writing

Continually creating new content can pose quite a challenge for busy business owners and professionals. Even Say It For You clients who’ve invested valuable resources to have us help with their content creation need assurance that the result won’t be a use-one-time-and-discard product. That’s precisely where re-purposing comes into play.

Make no mistake – all business and practices are generating content and doing it all the time. Letters? Content.  Email to customers and suppliers (and from customers and suppliers? Content.  Brochures and flyers? Content. Instructions for product use? Content.  Power Point presentations and DVD/s? Content.  Radio and TV advertising copy? Content.  You get the idea…

All that content can be re-purposed into blog posts. And, even more important for our discussion today) – all those blog posts from months and years ago (all still residing on the Internet) can be repurposed into emails, ads, letters, and videos.

One way to re-purpose is to create “best-of-breed” resource lists. In former blog posts, newsletters, or even emails, you may have “curated” material from other people’s blogs and articles, from magazine content, or from books. Now collate those references into categories, summarizing the main ideas you found useful and inviting readers to explore further. Sure, your readers could do a Google search on their own, but you’ve already played “reviewer” and are offering a hand-picked list – how convenient is that?

Best-of-breed lists can be grouped by categories (books, blogs, magazines, websites), or by topics.  The idea is to for your blog to become the “go-to” place that tells readers where to “go to” when they want more complete information on any topic you’ve discussed.

Over the past five years in this Say It For You blog, for example, I’ve quoted from many books about writing:

As a blog content repurposing tool, best-of-breed lists can certainly be best-of-breed blogging tactics!

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