Interview Format – the Combo Form of Blogging for Hire

The “brutally honest truth,” says Demian Farnworth of, is that, from the writer’s point of view, there are three basic types of ghostwriting:

  • Their ideas and words

You listen to business owners talk about their business or they send you content and you turn it into a book (or blog posts).

  • Their ideas, your words

You’re paid to write from an outline they’ve given you.  You do all the research, they approve the final draft.

  • Your ideas and your words

You’re paid to come up with the ideas yourself, create the outlines, and write the book or articles (or blog posts). Their only involvement is to approve.

As a blog-content-writer-for-hire by business owners and professional practitioners, I’ve found, there’s a fourth way to get the job done: use a combination of the three types of ghostwriting – the interview format.

In a face-to-face (or Skype) interview with a business owner or executive (or professional practitioner), I am able to capture their ideas and some of their words, then add “framing” with my own questions and introductions, to create a blog post more compelling and “real” than the typical narrative text.

What makes for a good blog interview? “Interviews should be broken up into questions and answers, but should lead with informative headers that describe the person you’re interviewing, link to their profile or business, and then get into the nitty gritty of the interview,” says Erin Ollila of “A great interview template ends with a list of takeaways,,” she adds.

According to Mi Muba of, the five most common objectives of publishing an interview blog post are:

  • To help your readers learn from the expertise of interviewee
  • To inspire your readers with the success story of the interviewee
  • To practically guide your readers how to succeed in a given field
  • To provide your readers the chance to interact with interviewee through commenting
  • To add variety to your content after several simply descriptive posts

An interview format is the ultimate combo form of blogging for hire!


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