Is Bad Writing a Deal Breaker? Asks Indiana Professional Ghost Blogger

“Bad writing should go.”  Still, “using ‘loose’ instead of ‘lose’ doesn’t a bad article make,” is Deb’s opinion in

“It’s the writer’s responsibility to write well,” Deb adds, “and it’s the editor’s responsibility to edit.” While grammar and spelling errors make her pause, she explains, to her they are not deal breakers.

For my part, I’m not so sure.  In corporate blogging training sessions, where the business owners and professional practitioners largely serve as their own editors, I urge no-error erring on the side of caution.  Who knows?  That improperly used “loose” may be what “loses” your blog visitor. Why take a chance?

“The bulk of the responsibility belongs to the writer,” Deb continues.  “It’s the writer who should proofread several times before hitting ‘send’.” Maybe.  My years as a “developmental editor”, plus my work tutoring in the Ivy Tech Community College language lab have taught me how hard it is for us to catch our own errors.  After all, we’re focused on the ideas we’re trying to convey.

Remember that puzzle where the word “the” appears twice, once at the end of a line, then at the beginning of the next?  When you’re challenged to read the paragraph aloud, you invariably skip the second “the”.

The fact that it is so difficult to self-edit is the reason Say It For You has begun offering website and blog content copy editing along with our freelance blog content writing services.

Content writers in Indianapolis – take courage! If SEO marketing blogs are full of  relevant, engaging material, your use of “a lot” when you should have said “many”," substituting you’re" for "your", or misplacement of an apostrophe aren’t going to be deal breakers.

When verbal “push marketing” comes to shove, I guess I agree with Deb: “While there’s little excuse for publishing sloppy work, it happens, and it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to live.”

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