Is There Something Your Corporate Blog Readers Should Know About Your Best Practices?

mothsSometimes it seems that no matter what business you’re in, and no matter how well you run it, there’s some organization or person out to prove your industry and all its practitioners are cruel, uncaring, wasteful, and in for the money only.

As a content writer in Indianapolis offering business blogging assistance and corporate blogging training, one thing I suggest stressing in blog posts is best business practices.  While one goal of any SEO marketing blog is to help your business "get found", once that’s happened, the goal changes to helping the online readers get comfortable with the way you do business.

Mental Floss Magazine highlights the making of the 1991 movie "The Silence of the Lambs", in which the serial murderer is obsessed with collecting rare moths.  Animal rights groups might have protested the exploitation of harmless insects just to make a film, but, thanks to animal wrangler Raymond Mendez, the 300 tomato hornworm moths traveled first class, were kept in a room with special heat and humidity settings, outfitted with tiny harnesses during high speed stunts.  As an Indianapolis blog writer, I was amazed to learn that once the filming was concluded, Mendez housed the moths and cared for them in his own apartment for the rest of their lives.

Blog content writing is the perfect vehicle for conveying a corporate message like this one. Think about your own business.  Is there anything that might be considered unsafe, cruel, or environmentally non-friendly about your industry or your business? What are you doing to mitigate those factors? Certainly, the content on your website can deal with the subject and offer reassurances, but there’s nothing like the cumulative effect, spread over time, of stories, testimonials, tidbits, and information delivered through corporate blog writing.

Negative criticism, say authors Doug karr and Chantelle Flannery in Corporate Blogging for Dummies, is an incredible opportunity for your company…Consumers want to see what happens when your company is faced with its own imperfections.

Take a Say It For You tip straight from the Mental floss Magazine story about the Silence of the Lambs – Don’t stay silent about your best practices!

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