It’s OK to Ask in your Corporate Blog

Every sales trainer will tell you – you’ve gotta ask.  When it comes to corporate blog askingwriting, the “asks” come in the form of Calls to Action.  The main purpose of any CTA, says Cameron Chapman in, is to get visitors to your site doing something.  “That something could be adding a product to their shopping cart, downloading something, requesting information, or just about anything else.”
If ever there was a time to hit just the right note – midway between too bold and too shy, it’s in those “asks“. In corporate blogging training, I keep coming back to the idea that business blog writing should be conversational and informational, not sales-y. The fact is, readers understand you’re writing for business purposes.  In fact, the reason those readers found your site in the first place is that what you sell or what you do is a good match for their needs.

On the other hand, if you want to come across as a professional (as of course you do!), the best  business blogging assistance I can offer is to make sure your Calls to Action are professionally put. Actually, in corporate blogging for business, the blog content itself constitutes a Call to Action!

As a freelance SEO copywriter, I know the other thing important to keep in mind is to offer different types of CTAs.  That’s because different readers will not only need different kinds of help, they will be in different stages of readiness to reach out for help.

Every blog content writer needs to consider the possibility that the reader who’s ready to buy should be able to do that right away, whereas others may need to learn more, watch a video, download a white paper, or whatever. In offering business blogging help, I remind business blog writers that, once  readers feel assured they’ve arrived at the right spot, they might be ready to take action a third of the way into the blog post!

It’s more than OK, asking for action in your business blog posts.  Whatever the answer, though, make sure you’re ready to handle a “Yes”!

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