Keeping Business Blogging Au Fait

Are you “au fait” in your field?  Your business blog content will help readers decide if you are or not. Another of those “loanwords” that came into the English language from the French, the expression “au fait” means “informed”, “up-to-date”, and “abreast of”, according to Chloe Rhodes in her book “A Certain ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’”.

With more than five years of providing blog writing services for businesses and professional practices, I know that information (as opposed to promotion), is what successful business blog content writing is all about.

The Small Business Administration apparently agrees. Here are three answers the SBA offers to the question “Do you really need a small business blog?”

  • “Search engines love to provide customers with relevant, helpful, and up-to-date content.”
  • “An up-to-date and informative blog is also an essential tool in your social media arsenal.”
  • “Use your blog articles to share you expertise and answer the questions you get every day.”

Being “au fait”, though, takes work, and, inevitably, time.  Every one of the three excellent suggestions offered by the SBA illustrates the fact that blog content writing requires dedication and discipline..

  1. “Take the time to follow and read other blogs that relate to your field.”
  2. Keep up with “What’s going on in the news.”
  3. “Is there a new industry development that’s worth writing about?”

“The blogging format lives and dies on current information,” emphasizes Susannah Gardner in “Writing a Good Business Blog”. “Current”, she goes on to say, “means posting often, even multiple times daily if you can swing it.”

Even if they enjoy writing blogs, our Say It For You clients realize they lack the time to keep up enough “frequency and recency” to win Internet search. For most, having freelance blog content writers post new content every three days constitutes a reasonable compromise between the Gardner “multiple times daily” standard and the budgetary and time realities of their business or professional practice.

In every business or profession, there’s no lack of technical information available to consumers on the Internet. But it falls to us business blog content writers to explain it, simplify it, and put it into context for readers.  Your blog needs to leave your online readers feeling quite “au fait”!


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