Keeping Your Business Blog in the News Feed

“Out of news feed, out of mind,” quips Reader’s Digest in “Updated Sayings for the Digital Age.” The point, so crucial for business owners and professional practitioners to understand, is that nowadays it’s only recently updated information that is likely to impact the success of their online marketing.

That’s because reality in the digital age Age relates to recency. That’s exactly why once-in-a-while blogging just doesn’t do the trick, even if it’s high-quality stuff.  To satisfy a search engine, your blog material must be updated frequently, and I mean very frequently.  To stress this point in a corporate blogging training session, I put it this way: When it comes to blogging for business, search engines are saying, “Never mind what you’ve done. What have you done for me lately?”

But don’t take my word for it.

“Google loves fresh, relevant content,” says Simon Tayler of Hykano. “The more regular the updates, the more ‘fuel’ it provides for Google to rank you on.”

“There isn’t any doubt that blogs on the website play a part in SEO, “ says Cristine Bentonnot of Iconi.

“Unless you’re steeped in SEO terminology, you may not have heard of the acronym “QDF” or Query Deserves Freshness. QDF, simply stated, is that for every query (“search term”) a search result list should include one (or more) piece of content that’s been recently published,” points out Sean Jackson of copyblogger. The caution, though, is that, “While QDF is a powerful benefit… it does not last.”

According to the Pew Internet and American Life Project, over 43% of Americans go online to get news on a daily basis. To stay plugged into news consumers on a consistent basis, you have to share your own “news” and opinions frequently.

At Say It For You, we freelance blog content writers understand the “out-of-news-feed-out-of-mind” principle: We’ve gotta keep our clients’ business blogs in the news feed!


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