“Learning Around” For Your Blog – Part Five

Idea "hooks" for business blogs can come from the funniest places – and I mean that literally! From interactive buildings to luggage concierges to golf swings – everywhere you stop to look and listen, you can find unique ways to present your own ideas and to explain to online visitors exactly what you sell, what you do, and what you know a lot about.

Awhile back, for example, I used a conversation between characters in a comic strip to explain and defend the process of ghost blogging.  The situation was that Cathy and her boyfriend Irving were opening their mail.  He was reading email on his laptop, while she sorted through piles of envelopes.

He: "What’s all that?"

She: "Mail."

He: "Mail? Who sends paper mail?"

She: "People".

He: "People?"

She: "Yes. Unlike you in your cold electronic bubble, I get mail from people."

He looks through some of her mail. "This is all mail from magazine subscription departments!"

(Here’s where my "third ear" perked up at Cathy’s punch line: "Still way closer to an actual human than you’ll get any time soon with email!"

"See?" I wanted to shout to business owners with no blog (rather than admit their lack of time and discipline needed to consistently post information online, critics would rant about the lack of "transparency" in ghost blogging, totally missing the point Cathy explained so well:)

Blogs, even ghost-written ones, are way closer to an actual human "voice" than you get with brochures, billboards, and traditional websites!

Can you find an idea for conveying your message from a comic strip character?


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