“Learning Around” For Your Blog – Part Four

There’s just no end to the "learning around" process for business bloggers. Last week I talked about learning from feature stories in newspapers and magazines, from visits to sports training center, and from current controversies in your field. The whole idea is this:

To keep coming up with fresh ideas and stimulating content for your blog posts, you need to be stimulating your own mind by reading what other people have to say, and then using that material to illustrate the information you want to convey to your blog readers!

In my case, I need to come up with new ways for my blog readers to become better bloggers themselves, or to understand what I, as a professional ghost blogger can do to help. So when I came across a story about the Flylite company, I knew I’d found a good way to explain why ghost blogging is part of a national "don’t-do-it-yourself" trend.

Flylite customers pack their bags – once. The "clothing butlers" take it from there, cleaning and pressing the clothes and polishing the shoes. The clothing is scanned into a virtual online "closet", so that travelers can click and drag to "pack" their bag, which will be delivered to any U.S. destination.

I used this to demonstrate the ghost-blogging "concierge" business model, explaining that your "blog butler" picks up the information, "cleans, presses, and polishes" the material, delivering it directly to the Web.

The point of all this is, bloggers for business complain to me all the time that, after a few months (sometimes sooner), they find themselves out of ideas.  Ideas, though, are all around, all the time – the trick, as the grandparents’ Dick and Jane readers used to say, is Stop, Look, and Listen!


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