Leitmotifs For Blogs

Blog posts tend to be more effective when they focus on just one idea, I’ve found.  That idea might be:

  • Busting one myth common among consumers
  • One testimonial from a user of your product or service
  • On special application for your product
  • One common problem your service helps solve
  • One new development in your industry

Focus is what helps blog posts stay smaller and lighter in scale, and much more flexible than the more permanent content on the typical corporate website.

What helps the separate posts fit together into an ongoing business blog marketing strategy are the blog "leitmotifs".

Leitmotif means "leading theme" in German.  In music, "the leitmotif is heard whenever the composer wants the idea of a certain character, place, or concept to come across," explains Chloe Rhodes in A Certain "Je Ne Sais Quoi".

Whenever I’m sitting down with business owners as they’re preparing to launch a blog for their company, I find that one important step is to select 1-5 recurring themes that will appear and reappear over time in their blog posts.  The themes may be reflected in the keyword phrases they use to help drive search, but themes are broader in scope than keyword phrases.

A residential air conditioning firm, for example, might blog using keywords such as "air conditioning", "air conditioning repair", "air conditioning service in Peoria".  A theme, by contrast, might be "Room comfort".

What leitmotifs will unify your blog posts?


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