Let Freelance Corporate Blog Writing Ring

Sure, I’m looking forward to the food and the fireworks later on today (aren’t we all?), but July 4th has a way of making me reflect on bigger things, such as what it means to be living here in the United States of America.

While I’m in this reflective mood, I realize I’m grateful that all the business owners and  practitioners who are my Say It For You blog content writing clients are free to grow their respective enterprises by telling others about what they’ve got goin’ on.

I found a wonderful masters’ dissertation by Rikke Frank Jorgensen on the subject of the Internet that sums up some of what I’m feeling about the work I’ve been doing the past five years as a professional ghost blogger and corporate blogging trainer, all made possible by the freedom of the Internet. Especially on this day when we’re celebrating our freedoms, Jorgensen’s remarks describing the awe-inspiring freedom of the Internet really resonated with me.

  • The Internet is open in the sense that no single entity; academic, corporate, governmental or non-profit administers it.
  • The Internet has no centralized storage location, control point, or communication channel entity
  • The Internet allows any person with access to computer and modem to exchange communication.
  • Internet communications can be directed either to specific individuals, to a group of people or to the world as a whole.

SEO marketing blogs, by the very nature of blogging, are “free”.  Unlike the case with ads (either in print or “pay-per-click”) or billboards, business owners or practitioners are not “charged” to put content on the Web. 

In an even more important sense, SEO blog marketing enjoys more freedom that traditional websites. Corporate blog content, after all, is meant not only for reading, but for acting and interacting. Readers can subscribe to the blog, get back to earlier posts or use links to other sites to read more about topics of special interest to them.

The Internet, blogs, burgers, and fireworks – what more could any freedom-loving American ask? Let freelance corporate blog writing ring!

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