Like Business Blogging, Voice-Overs Take More Than Just a Great Sounding “Voice”!

Talent advisor Jason Davis defines voiceover as "the art of using the voice to sell, inform, or entertain on radio and TV, narrations, and cartoons." While my own voice, I fear, is far too nasal to make for great listening, I’ve developed an interest in the art ever since someone dubbed me the "voiceover lady" in describing my work as a professional ghost blogger.

On second thought, Davis might not rule me out as a voiceover trainee. In answer to a wannabe’s question, he explains that while clear speech is essential, it takes much more than a great-sounding voice to succeed in voiceovers. In fact, he adds, the skill lies in "the ability to take someone else’s words (the script) and make them sound believable and sincere".

What really resonated with me was what Jason Davis added next in explaining voiceover:  It takes "a strong desire to do this and the ability to persist".  " Bingo!" I thought. "That’s exactly true of business blogging, where, I’ve always said, one of the requisite qualities is "drill sergeant discipline". Since frequency of posting new content is important in achieving web rankings, perseverance comes very much into play.

Back to Davis’ basic definition of voiceover as using the voice to sell, inform, or entertain, he might have been referring to business blogs. Blogs, in many ways, represent the "voice" of the business. In blogging for business, providing visitors with valuable information takes the lead, with any "selling" happening as a result. The more engaging and informative the content in the blog, the more likely it is for "click" – to the shopping cart or contact page – to happen.

I admit I was startled when an acquaintance labeled me "the voice-over lady".  The more I think about it, though, the more appropriate a label that seems for a professional ghost blogger!



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