Local Theme Nights Are Like Living Blogs

Weekly music showcases are becoming quite the rage around Indianapolis.  For funk and hip-hop, it’s Wednesdays at the Jazz Kichen. Thursdays, it’s folk music at the Big Roots Show at Locals Only.  At Melody Inn, you can find Hillbilly Happy Hour on Fridays or punk rock on Saturdays.  As a professional ghost blogger, I can’t help thinking of these showcases as living blogs.  That’s because, as David Lindquist puts it in the Indianapolis Star, “they help musicians and their fans find each other.”

As I explained in one of my earliest Say It For You blog posts (see Won’t You Please Come In To My Blog?), business owners are always looking for ways to introduce what they offer to new customers of the right kind.  Those three words are the key, right there – “of the right kind”.  Cliff Snyder, co-founder of the Big Roots Show, says “The showcases are letting people know what the thing is.  If you’re into this thing, then come support the series.” 

Isn’t that exactly what a corporate blog is designed to do?  Through the search engine optimization process, potential customers, the ones who are searching for your type of product or service, get to your blog.  When they read the relevant information you’ve provided, they are led to your website and might just decide to do business with you.  By definition, these are customers of the right kind.

It makes sense. If you’re into folk music, you won’t be attracting Wednesday night hip-hop and funk seekers – it’s the folk music lovers that show up. As Steve Hayes, bass player at Punk Rock Nights puts it – “These audiences are willing to give you a chance. Then it’s sort of up to you to keep their attention.”

Online searchers have found your blog precisely because they’re looking for information on your subject, or a product or service you sell.  There’s your chance!  From there, it’s up to your blog and your website to keep searchers’ attention and convert them into customers.

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