Making a Mess in Corporate Blog Planning

Never mind that there’s no room in the lo-carb diet I’m on for the “luscious, yet healthy,Eton Mess dessert summer dessert” with the odd name “Eton Mess”.  As a blog content writer, I loved the story behind it (I read in USA Weekend that the dish was developed in the 1930’s at Eton College outside London as a school snack.)

Looking longingly at the picture of the berry-heavy cream-meringue cookie confection reminded me of the way, in corporate blog writing, each of my Say It For You posts seems to come together out of a mixture of ingredients I’d been assembling:

  • Expressions I hear speakers use
  • Catchy phrases from signs and billboards
  • Verbiage from food  or cosmetic labels
  • TV ad copy
  • Comic strips,

all captured on little pieces of paper or snippets cut out of the paper or magazine, then saved in an “idea folder” for each client for whom I provide business blogging assistance.
In fact, an idea folder is one of the blog content writing ABC’s I introduce in corporate blogging training sessions.

Interestingly, there’s a video showing chef Pam Anderson and her daughters demonstrating how to prepare the Eton Mess.  The name of that mother-daughter trio is itself a juicy language tidbit – Three Many Cooks (think about it for a minute!).

That is not to say that an effective blog post can be a hodgepodge – quite the contrary.  Each post should focus on one central idea. But in order to keep coming up with engaging content over weeks, months, and years that it takes to implement a successful blog marketing strategy, you need to stock your “pantry” with diverse ingredients.

In providing blog writing services, the skill, of course, lies in the writers’ ability to make tasty finished products out of the “mess” of diverse ingredients!

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