Monday Wordsmithing Tip for Business Blogging: Paint a Picture

PaintbrushThis week my Say It For You blog will be devoted to sharing tips from three different books. (Always on the prowl for fresh writing ideas, I’ve managed to accumulate quite the little library on effective communication.)

Compare these two sentences, says communications consultant Milo Frank:

#1    “Deficits will badly affect the economy.”

#2    “Deficits will spread subtle, devastating poison through the economic bloodstream.”

The first sentence, Frank points out, is flat, while the second paints a picture in your mind.

Frank’s message is one every blog content writer needs to hear. Imagery helps make SEO marketing blogs more engaging.  In business communications, Frank acknowledges, there may be times when technical, precise language is in order.  The key factor to consider, though, is the listener, he says.  You want listeners to “see” as well as hear what you’re saying.

When it comes to providing business blogging help, I’d add, the key factor to consider is the blog visitor.  But, in whatever form you’re communicating, Frank teaches, “you can make your message colorful, interesting, and memorable with imagery.”

Of course, actual images – video clips, photos, stock art – can add impact to Indianapolis bloggers’ work, as I stress in corporate blogging training sessions.  Aside from actual pictures, though, freelance blog writers can paint pictures through words.

Is your company’s product smooth? Steely-hard? Satiny? Clean? Flowing? Razor-sharp? Crystal-clear?

Can I expect to feel happier after using your services? Confident? Healthy? Moved to tears? Powerful? Worthy? Safe? Warm and snug?

Help online visitors to your business blog assimilate your message through visualizing.  Painting word pictures is an important part of blogging for business!

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