More Business Blogging Truths in Comic Strips

Zits, as I shared a couple of days ago, is a great example of a comic strip with lessons toZits 2 teach us Indianapolis blog content writers.

“Jeremy?  What are you doing up?” asks Mom at 6AM, amazed.  “I’m going for a walk and then helping shovel the sidewalk in front of the nursing home,” Jeremy informs his mother. “I can’t even get him to pick up his dirty socks,” marvels Mom to Dad, totally puzzled by Jeremy’s newfound enthusiasm for doing good.

As a professional ghost blogger and corporate blogging trainer, I found myself wondering the same thing about online readers – how can freelance blog writers get them engaged and call them to action?

Israeli researchers Fox and Amichai-Hamburger tell us it’s all in “the power of emotional appeals”. Writing about promoting organizational change, the authors urge emphasizing “not rational arguments, but the emotional elements of persuasion.”

It’s simply not enough, I remind Indianapolis blog writers, to offer statistics in your SEO marketing blog, or to list reasons why what you have, what you sell, and what you know is better than what your competitors offer.

Instead, effective business blog writing involves turning those statistics into emotionally compelling stories. That’s because anyone providing business blogging services needs to find ways to offer readers the chance to become part of something important and worthwhile.

I think the Jeremy clip is particularly apropos when it comes to blogging on behalf of not-for-profit organizations and for employee recruitment efforts.  Picking up dirty socks doesn’t bring a sense of mission – shoveling the sidewalk in front of the nursing home does!

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