Myths Can Give Blogs A Bang For The Bust

Myth-busting is a great use for corporate blogs, I firmly believe.  Not only are blogs wonderful for dispensing information, they’re great for addressing misinformation.  In other words, blogs can help searchers by clearing up stuff.

In the process of debunking myths, bloggers for business can:

  • Offer little-known information on their industry
  • Season that information with their own unique slant
  • Demonstrate their knowledge and expertise.

For newbie bloggers in particular, myths are an easy source of content ideas. In the normal course of doing business, every business owner and professional practitioner has come up against common misunderstandings people have about the products and services they offer. Here are just a couple of examples:

Myth:   Brain cells can’t regenerate – if you kill a brain cell, it’s never replaced.
Bust:    In 1998, scientists at the Salk Institute discovered that brain cells can regenerate.
Use:     Blog post by charity raising funds for Alzheimer’s research. 

     Myth:  If a pregnant mother’s carrying the baby down low, it will be a boy.
     Bust:   This comes from old English folklore, and is completely unfounded.
     Use:    Blog post for baby clothing store.

        Myth:   Reading in a dark room will ruin your eyes.
        Bust:    Reading in dim light will not, in itself, negatively affect your eyes.
        Use:     Blog post for optometry outlet.

        Shel Holtz and Ted Demopolis, authors of Blogging for Business, debunk a myth about the future of blogging itself: “Many pundits have decreed that blogs signal the end of the mainstream media, press releases, or any number of established communications. Quite simply, they are wrong!  Blogs are complementary to the pre-existing communications channels available.”

When I, as a professional ghost blogger, teach business owners and professional practitioners how to create compelling content for blogs, one of the tried and true techniques we practice is busting myths! 


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