Naked Sentences Stand Out in Blog Content Writing

Remember “streaking”?

To grab attention, streakers ran naked in public places.

For us Indianapolis freelance blog content writers, there’s a lot to learn from Brandon Royal’s The Little Red Writing Book, and I’ve devoted all three of this week’s Say It For You blog posts to some of Royal’s excellent pointers on writing in general. SEO marketing blogs. which multi-task as promo pieces, advertorials, bulletins, tutorials, and mission statements, are, above all, a form of written communication. Sharing the wisdom is part of my own mission to improve the quality of the writing in business owners’ and professionals’ blogs.

One rule that is of business blogging help in particular is keeping sentences short. Short sentences have what I call “pow!”. Short sentences, particularly in titles can easily be shared on social media sites. Focused content, I teach in corporate blogging training sessions, keeps readers’ attention on the message.

That doesn’t mean, though, as Brandon Royal reminds us, that every sentence needs to be short. “That would create a choppy style,” he says. Instead, “the writer must judge how to weave short sentences with longer ones” and use sentence variety.

Brandon calls really, really short sentences "naked", and he suggests that occasionally, these add a dynamic touch to your writing. As an example, he cites a campaign for dark beer. “I like beer.  Beer explains more about me than anything in the world,” it begins. That first 3-word line has “pow!”. In corporate and professional practitioner blogs, two to four word “naked” opening lines can be used to capture attention as well.

Naked sentences stand out in blog content writing!


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