Negative Calories Unwelcome in Blogging for Business

“Did you know,” the sign posted near the entrance to the Bank One Tower cafeteriacelery asked, “that one stalk of celery has 10 negative calories?”  No, I hadn’t known that.  In the process of digesting the celery stalk, I learned, my body would burn ten calories more than those contained within the stalk itself!

Great tip for dieters, I thought, promptly adding a serving of celery to my tray.  Not such a good idea when it comes to blog content writing, I couldn’t help thinking. 

Yes, SEO marketing blogs are all about getting found, and that sign had certainly gotten my attention.  But (I made a note to myself to remind writers in corporate blogging training sessions), both the content of your blog posts and the navigation paths on the blog site had better be easy to digest!

In fact, I recall using a food metaphor to explain to Indianapolis blog writers the importance of convenience in blog site navigation. When writing content for your own blog or when planning content with the individuals you’ve hired for business blogging assistance, keep in mind that online readers might decide at any point that they’re ready to learn more, that they have a question to ask, or that they’re ready to take advantage of your products and services.  That’s a wonderful result, of course, but it won’t happen unless you’ve made each reader’s mission easy to accomplish!  The moment the navigation becomes a nuisance, you’ve created a “negative calories” effect – the reader wants something, but not enough to spend extra energy to find it!

Blog content writers, take heed! Celery is crunchy and good for your waistline. But, there’s no room for negative calories in business blog writing!

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