Never Can Say Goodbye? Your Online Visitors Will!

My trade show maven friend Jane Thompson writes about people who don’t know how to say goodbye. “When you are prepping your booth staff for a show,” she warns, “don’t forget to trade showprepare them for the eventuality of having to extract themselves from a conversation with an attendee who is ‘going on too long’”.

It’s not unusual to find business blog content writers who, like those attendees, go on much too long in a single post. Thompson suggests some closing phrases and actions for trade show booth personnel:

…It was great meeting you
…I hope we’ll run into each other again
…I don’t want to keep you from seeing the rest of the show
….I’ve been monopolizing you…

After that remark, suggests Thompson, shake  long-winded visitors’ hands and give them something to do, such as entering a drawing or filling out a form for an email list. Of course, with business blogs, the shoe’s on the other foot, so to speak. It’s not the visitors who are long-winded, but the creators of the blog!

When it comes to defining “short” or “long”, the blogging community is often divided on the issue, John Rampton, writing in Forbes, points out. Some believe that the shorter, the better, he says, while others stand by the thought that blog posts should be long. The reason why such a divide exists is because both lengths have worked for various bloggers.

What no business owner or professional practitioner wants, obviously, is for readers to feel compelled to “extract themselves” from the conversation. My own advice to content writers has been to stick to one core “thesis” point per post with some short subtopic explanations.

Never can say goodbye?  Your readers will do it for you if you lack focus in your business blog posts!




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