One Day, One Game in Business Blog Content Writing

“Danny Grainger gives a last-minute haircut in the Pacers locker room.  Five men help Boomer make his grand entrance just before tipoff.  Cooks spend two days preparing food for 14,000 people – including popping hundreds of pounds of popcorn…It all goes into making an Indiana Pacers game at Bankers Life Fieldhouse.”

In “One Day, One Game” , the Indianapolis Star offers fans a behind-the-scenes view of what goes into the making of a Pacers game. That very personalized type of feature story is designed to help fans feel a strong sense of connection with the team.

That article makes for an excellent model for.corporate blogging for business. To forge a personal connection with online searchers, business owners and freelance blog content writers can use “One Day in-the-Life-of-My-Business” content in corporate blogs.

  • Just what does it take to gain the professional designations you have? Put that in your SEO marketing blog.
  • Just what steps go into preparing the “finished” service or product your customers receive from you?  Images and photos help online searchers “get the picture”, and anecdotes help them get a better picture of you!
  • Just what experiences have you had that drove you to choose your industry or profession? Just what aspects of your world are you trying to change by doing what you do?
  • Just who on your staff is responsible for “making the popcorn “ in your business?  Who’s “preening Boomer? By personalizing the corporate blog writing, Indianapolis freelance content creators can help make blog visitors feel part of the club.

“The voice of a writer is usually easier to hear in first person,” says William Cane in Write Like It Matters. When offering Say It For You business blogging assistance, I talk about expressing “first person passion”:  If you had only eight to ten words to tell me why you’re passionate about what you know, what you do, and what you sell, what would those words be?  

What goes into the making of YOUR products and services? Populate your blog content writing with passion.  Give ‘em the One-Day-One-Game view of what makes you who you are!

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