Pack Light For Air Travel And For Blogs

When it comes to air travel these days, more is more.  American, United, Continental, and Northwest Airlines all sock passengers with a $25 charge – each way – for checking a second bag on domestic flights.  With Delta, you can make that $50.  Of course the hikes relate to the high cost of fuel; still, packing light has always been one of the better tips for savvy travelers.  I remember my grandmother advising us girls, “Wherever you’re headed, take half the clothes and double the money.”

In earlier Say It For You blog posts (see Kosciuszko National Memorial: A Blog Of A National Park), I offered similar advice culled from my experience as professional ghost blogger, explaining it’s best to focus each blog post on one idea.  Blogs, after all, are web logs, not web catalogues or web brochures.

Think of your website as the destination; your blog becomes the cab ride to the airport.  Pack your blog post with just enough material to show searchers they’re on track to find the services or information they need.  You might just find my grandmother’s advice was “right on” for your business, and that, by targeting your blog, you bring in half the browsers but double the buyers.!

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