Pare Down, Don’t Dumb Down, Your Blog

"A writer should always feel like he’s in over his head," says Pulitzer prize-winning author Michael Cunningham in O Magazine. Cunningham has advice for writers that I think all bloggers need to hear:  "You can’t bore people – ever!"

We business bloggers love to write, but we sometimes forget online searchers don’t generally like to read.  What they like to do is scan. If it becomes quickly obvious your blog content answers their question, shows them how to satisfy their need, and offers a fresh approach, they’ll stick around awhile.  Otherwise, they’re outta there faster than you can say "bounce rate".

Cunningham’s rather rueful observation is that he’s always aware he’s writing for someone at least as smart as he is, "who is busy and has a job, and a mate, and a whole life going on".

Blogging for business shares only some of the challenges of creating a novel, but Cunningham’s observations apply nonetheless.  While technology has revolutionized the way businesses market themselves, writing for folks as least as smart as you is a "keeper" rule for bloggers.

In a number of my earlier Say It For You blog posts, I’ve stressed the importance of keeping blog content short and relevant.  What Cunningham reminds us is that paring down the quantity shouldn’t mean "dumbing down" the concepts presented in the posts.  To the contrary, we want online searchers to get a clear sense of our unique approach to our business and our astute insights into the issues they face. 

Smart bloggers write with smart readers in mind!

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