Pink’s Tips for Women Entrepreneurs Can Keep Business Blogging in the Pink

Immediately upon hearing Daniel Pink address the Butler College of Business Freshman pink ladyConvocation last fall, I decided the man belonged on my Favorites list when it comes to good business ideas. One very good recent Pink idea was inviting Butler pharmacy professor and entrepreneur Erin Albert to pass along advice from some of her subjects to Pink’s blog readers.

Although my own Say It For You blog writing services are not targeted specifically towards women entrepreneurs, the Albert business tips are simply good ideas when it comes to corporate blog writing, period. Here are just three of the ones I like and which illustrate points I stress in corporate blogging training:

Do your homework, be a sponge.
In corporate blogging training, I teach the importance of keeping an "ideas" folder to collect word tidbits, clever sayings, articles, and thoughts – all fodder for future blog posts. The more you can be a sponge, soaking up information from everywhere and everyone, the richer and more compelling your blog content writing will be.

Fire clients if they aren’t the right fit.
In business blog writing, of course, it’s not about "firing" anyone, but about attracting clients of the right kind.  Targeting blog content towards "that segment of society that your product or service is perfect for" is the job blog writing is designed to accomplish.

Take action.
Writing for business is one area where action per se beats inaction.  That’s because business blogs, through sheet frequency, are favorably positioned to drown out all the "noise" created by your business competitors.  The cumulative use of keyword phrases in blog posts over weeks, months, and years, is a powerful force when it comes to company branding and corporate identity.

Balance knowledge of facts with gut feeling.
Sometimes I find that business owners are so focused on writing about the facts and features of the products and services they offer, they forget to use their blog posts to reveal who and what they are. People do business with those they like and trust, and your corporate blog writing (even when posts are written by a professional ghost blogger like me!) must reveal what kind of person customers will be getting along with the products and services. 

See what I mean about keeping your business blog writing "in the pink"?

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