Press Release Cautions for Business Blog Writing

Blog content writers can take a tip from friend and fellow blogger Susan Young of Aimfire Marketing. When we’re delivering information to online visitors through blog content writing, we should pay attention to three of the cautions Young issues about sending press releases.

  • Include the most important information up front, (so the reporter/producer knows the overview of the story before going into the details).

Remember, the reason online searcher find your SEO marketing blog site in the first place is that what you provide matched up with whatever need or want those searchers typed into the search bar! Those readers need confirmation that they’ve come to exactly the right place to fulfill their needs and wishes – and they need to know that right off the bat!

  • Stick to the main idea; don’t include too much information in your release or pitch.

When it comes to business blog writing, I explain to business owners for whom I'm providing blog writing services, minimalism means focus.  Presenting, then illustrating, a single concept, leaving the rest for another day, is the very essence of effective blog post creation.

  • Research your targeted publications to ensure they’re a good fit for your story.

To be an effective marketing tool for your business, your blog must to be the result of a well-planned strategy aimed at a specific segment of the market.  Never try to appeal to  everybody – talk to the ones most likely to be reading what you have to say.

Breaking media etiquette rules may get your pitch deleted or ignored, Young points out.  As all good freelance blog content writers know, failing to engage online visitors upfront, including too many ideas in one blog post, and not knowing your audience’s needs will get you “bounced” in a big way!

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