Professional Ghost Blogger Weighs In: Should Each Business Blogging Client Be A One-And-Only?

Sales trainers speak of having a "unique value proposition".

Marketing guru Jim Ackerman recommends that each provider of products or services be able to complete this sentence:  "I am the only…………". 

Business coach Lois Creamer advises being crystal clear about who you are and what you do – and creating a "positioning statement"™ to tell others about it.

It’s obvious the big question on buyers’ minds is "Why you?", and that if you want their business, you need a succinct statement about what makes you special. In other words, what’s the "only-ness" of

  • your products
  • your services
  • your approach

Quite early on in building my Say It For You professional ghost-blogging business, I made a pivotal decision in the only-ness department.  Now, this may be controversial, and other ghost writers may think otherwise, but here’s my idea of how things should work:

I consider blogging to be one tactic in any business’ overall marketing strategy, with Say It For You becoming part of each of my business clients’ marketing team. The goal is to hone the business’ message and then get it out online, working to "win search" and increase business. So far, I think, everyone would agree. 

But, to me, this is like gearing up for a basketball or football game.  Our team members respect the opposing team and treat its members with courtesy and consideration, but, bottom line, we’re out to win the game.  Every point we score means a point the other team doesn’t.

Moving a blog from Page 19 on Google or Bing up to Page 1 means some other blogs are being moved down. The way I see it, I can’t be a team player for both teams.  What that says to me is that I can’t be a ghost blogger for two different florists, or two different patent law attorneys, two different restaurants, or two competitors in any industry or profession.. 

My team and I at Say It For You need to be dedicated to the task of conveying your only-ness.  And so, your business is going to be our one-and-only, no matter what game you’re playing!


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