PRWeb Ups the Ante on Say It For You Tidbit Challenge

This is one time having been one-upped feels ONEderful!

Stacey Acevero of PRWeb not only rose to my Say It For You blog content writers’ tidbitbaked goods challenge, she expanded the original four tidbits by another four, in each case detailing who might use each one for business blogging help.

As part of corporate blogging training, I’d suggested to other Indianapolis blog content writers – in fact any feelance blog writers – that they need never run out of ideas if they keep a collection of interesting tidbits of general information on hand. I challenged providers of business blog content to use at least one of four interesting tidbits I’d found in Mental Floss Magazine as a jumping-off point to explain some unique aspect of their own products or services.

After four years of business blog writing, what I continually find is that business owners lack the time and discipline to keep providing fresh content on their SEO marketing blogs over sustained periods of time. In fact, you wouldn’t believe how many blogs end up being abandoned within months, even weeks of being started. But for anyone either writing their own content or hiring professionals like me for business blogging assistance, the big fear is running out of ideas. The tidbit challenge was just one way, I’d suggested, to get the creative juices flowing again.

Rather than choosing one of the four tidbits I’d mentioned in my blog post, Stacey Acevero went back to Mental Floss to find additional tidbits. For example, it’s true that most supermarkets place their bakery areas near the entrance to the store; studies have shown the aroma of fresh-baked goods makes customers spend more money.

Ingeniously, Stacey suggests that non-food service businesses can use this technique by putting their most tantalizing product in front of prospects sooner rather than later. A music artist, she points out, might put his best single on the front page of his website, while a retail store might put their most colorful clothes in the windowl

Thanks, Stacey and PRWeb for helping me prove my point.  “…and voila!” she exclaimed. “That blog post pretty much wrote itself.”

Well… I don’t know if as a longtime professional ghost blogger I’d go quite that far.  Good blog posts hardly ever “pretty much write themselves”.  But a great tidbit is certainly great business blogging help!

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