Re-Gifting in Your Business Blog

“Do you have to be told never to re-gift promotional items?” asks

Apparently one Chinese exchange student did need to be told. The student had given his American host, N.Y.Times columnist David Brooks, a gold tie as a thank-you gift.  The tie was one that had been handed out by Gov. Mitch Daniels during a trade mission to China, and the tie’s label proudly proclaimed that fact!


It’s not that re-gifting itself is a no-no, explains  In fact, the practice is gaining in popularity. But, just as with corporate blogging for business, there are certain rules of the road that all re-gifters would do well to observe. As a corporate blogging trainer. I can see parallels between re-gifting and the practice of content curation in business blogging. advises asking “Is this going to work?”, re-gifting items only to people who are not likely to see the original giver.

When it comes to blog content writers in Indianapolis, I teach exactly the opposite approach.  When you link to someone else’s comments about the subject you’re covering, that reinforces your point and shows you’re in touch with others in your field.  But you must identify and link to the source you’re quoting, so that all the readers of your blog content DO “see” the original giver! cautions re-gifters to “always spring for a new card or gift tag”.

At Say It For You, we couldn’t agree more. Merely quoting others in your SEO marketing blog adds value in the sense of aggregating resources for the benefit of your readers. Still, that’s hardly enough; business blogging service providers need to add their own “spin” to the material based on their own business wisdom and expertise.

“Never feel guilty once you’ve done it,” advises

Guilty?  Of course not!  By curating or “re-gifting” content, properly attributing that content to its source, then adding our own thoughtful commentary, we professional business bloggers demonstrate our own confidence. We have something special to offer within a very competitive business environment!


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