Say It For You, Actum, and Indiana Realty One have the Same Single-Minded Approach

focus on one thingToday, and for the next two blog posts, I’m taking my own advice: Reading others’ blog posts is a great way to generate ideas for your own SEO marketing blog. Of course, as a content writer in Indianapolis, I’ve made reading everything I can get my hands on part of my daily routine in the care and feeding of these Say It For You blog posts. This go-around, though, I’ve selected among the several dozen blogs to which I subscribe.

“I’m a big believer in focus and personal branding,” asserts Arnie Goldberg of Indiana Realty One. "When you walk into a room, everyone should know you for one thing.” As a ghost blogger and corporate blogging trainer, I couldn’t agree more.  No question in my mind – the idea that focus is the secret of success in business blog writing is in sync with Goldberg’s statement. In fact, I think Indiana Realty One must’ve been reading, on my Say It For You website, about the “Power of One”:

  • One message
  • One outcome
  • One audience
  • One writer
  • One client

And, whether you happen to be a freelance blog writer like me or are blogging for your own business, it’s clear that blog posts have a simple advantage over more static traditional website copy.  Why? Each post can have (should have) a razor-sharp focus on just one story, one idea, one aspect of your business or your professional practice.

Jeff Bowe, my second idea generator for today, apparently agrees that focus is important; the selling model at Actum Group is called INFOCUS©, with Bowe explaining that his company’s focus is in increasing sales.

Proactive sales is not leading the horse to water, but making the horse realize how thirsty it is,” advises Bowe.  Blog content writers can let the power of “pull marketing” to some of the leading – searchers land on your blog precisely because there’s already a thirst for what you offer. Still, focused, easily navigable business blog writing can help those readers realize just how immediate and urgent their” thirst” is!

Sounds as if Say It For You, Actum Group, and Indiana Realty One are all focused on the same goal – focusing on the needs of buyers!

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