Serving Punch in Business Blog Writing

“Creating excitement through written words is a lot trickier than doing it throughpunch spoken words,” observes; you need to know the right methods of grabbing an interest.”  As a content writer in Indianapolis offering business blogging assistance to business owners, I appreciated Blogussions’ list of 45 words that can help spice up blog headlines. And, while I have my doubts about the likes of “ultimate”, “phenomenal”, and “mind-blowing” (always warning against hard selling in corporate blog writing), I think throwing in words such as “creative”, “powerful”, and “next-level” might, in fact, add some energy to otherwise repetitive SEO marketing blog posts.

I agree withLinda Ann Nickerson of Helium, who thinks “the best writing contains both fact and flair”. Nickerson recommends writers use both a thesaurus and a dictionary to “add variety and descriptive dimension to writing.”

Blog content writing, as I’m fond of saying during business blogging training sessions, is both science and art,
with much of each relating to the words used in each blog post. “Imagine for a moment how dull the world would be if there were only one word to voice a particular thought,” remarks Pam Marshall in “Luckily, we have synonyms and antonyms to add spice and flavor to our communication skills.” Of course, at Say It For You, where the mission of our business blogging service is to engage the interest of online readers in communicating the company’s message, words and pictures are our only tools. 

Even the simplest examples Marshall provides could, in fact, prove highly useful in corporate blog writing. In blogging on behalf of real estate, home decorating, or home repair businesses, varying the use of house, home, dwelling, residence, and abode might add some variety to the text; bed linen companies might refer to their wares as silky or downy in addition to “soft”.

“Even if a piece is otherwise well written, if it uses a particular word multiple times in a simple sentence or paragraph, it can probably be improved by substitution,” according to Hastley of

When it comes to the “science” part of wordsmithing in blogs, Linda Nickerson makes the most interesting observation: “Aiming for optimum web readership, modern writers have focused on key word repetition in their published pieces.  In doing so, we may have sacrificed a slew of synonyns.”

No question, Linda. Blog content writers have to achieve two goals – getting found and getting read. In fact, both as a professional ghost blogger and as a trainer offering business blogging assistance, I rather enjoy the challenge of finding just the right mix to put “punch” in blog posts!

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