Share New Thinking With Business Blog Readers, Then It’s Their Move

“Reading around” for my blog is a habit I’ve developed, one I highly recommend for all blog content writers. Having found a gold mine of ideas in the latest issue of Mental Floss magazine,  I’ve been sharing those insights over the past week and a half with Say It For You readers.

Today, though, I’ve some thoughts to share based on a gem I found in Women’s Health Magazine based on myth busting. One very basic strategy I teach business bloggers, is, in fact, myth busting. No matter what field you’re in, there are sure to be misconceptions about what you do and what you sell, and getting the word out about the real story is a fine application for business blog writing.

The Women’s Health article that caught my eye, “Healthy Dose”, used a three part format I hadn’t seen before, one that could lend itself very well to SEO marketing blog content:

  • Old thinking
  • New Thinking
  • Your move

Flossing one’s teeth is one example.  The old thinking is that there is a link between periodontal disease and hear disease, and that bacteria that collect between the teeth could enter the bloodstream, increasing the risk of heart attack.

The new thinking is that there’s no solid evidence to support the idea that poor oral hygiene causes heart disease. One condition doesn’t cause the other.

Your move, Women’s Health informs readers, is to floss on!  Why? Flossing reduces the risk of gum disease, and prevents foul breath.

It’s the Your move” part that I think can be a great technique for writers to include in the content of SEO marketing blogs. By gathering information on their topic and presenting it as part of their blog, online content writers are providing a valuable service, but to go the next step, each blog post has to offer some perspective. WHY is this information important to the reader? What can that reader “do about it”? 

As a college career mentor, I have students write “Reflections”, summarizing an experience they’ve had, using a “What, So what? Now what?" format.

The “Your Move” is the “Now what?” part of the blog content writing.  It offers the reader a new way of looking at things based on the knowledge and experience business owners or professionals have shared in their blogs.  Most important, it gives readers a road map for using that information.  It’s their move!.

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