Shoes and Business Blogs – Some People Care If They’re Shined

Nice to know I’m not alone. Just because I’m a business blogging trainer and professional blog content writer in Indianapolis, doesn’t mean I’m the only one who thinks paying attention to detail is important.

In the span of one short week, I heard two different people advise my Butler business students to pay attention to details, explaining that those details can make a big difference in what kind of first impression you make.

Cautioning our sophomores in Real Business Experience class (I serve as team mentor in this class) to present their final papers mistake-free and properly formatted, Professor Zach Finn summed it up as follows:

“Think of it like shoes – some people care if they’re shined.”

Later that week, at the freshman Top Dawg business plan competition, volunteer contest judge and local business leader David Harding advised students:

In business, dress up. Put on that coat and tie. I know your generation likes to be
informal, but, believe me, how you present
yourself will make a big difference in your career.


That’s exactly the point I try to make when it comes to creating SEO marketing blog content.
Yes, I know the online crowd likes to be informal, and yes, blogs are supposed to be less formal and more personal in tone than traditional websites. But when a sample of corporate blog writing is posted in the name of your business (or in the case of Say It For You writers, in the name of a client’s business), the business brand is being “put out there” for all to see.

Dress your blog in its ”best”. Prevent blog content writing “wardrobe malfunctions” such as grammar errors, run-on sentences, and spelling errors. Avoid redundancy. Tighten up those paragraphs.

You may be thinking: Most readers will merely scan your content and won’t pay very close attention to details like those.

Some might, though. Can you afford to have potential customers noticing your lack of care?

Think shoes – some people will care if they’re shined!

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