Slow Content Fast in Corporate Blogging for Business

Chipotle's“…growth has been remarkable,” says Fortune Magazine, referring to Chipotle Mexican Grill., observing that profit margins in Chipotle restaurants are among the highest in the fast food industry. “That’s all the more notable since Chipotle says it spends more on food and more time preparing it,” Fortune adds.

Although I’m not a real fan of Mexican food, as a business owner myself (offering business blogging services), I found that Fortune article about Chipotle’s fascinating. While we’ve hardly achieved the status of a Chipotle’s at Say It For You, we Indianapolis blog writers do pride ourselves on spending more time preparing and devoting more care to business blog writing.

Chipotle’s high margins can be explained by other efficiencies, explains the feature article writer. “Throughput” refers to the rate of customer service, a Chipotle obsession, moving 300 customers an hour through the system. Their stated goal is to offer “Slow food fast”.

So, in what way can the Chipotle’s example be of business blogging assistance?

“Chipotle is a niche in a huge market dominated by burger joints”, points out Fortune. In corporate blogging training sessions, I stress, the first step is to define your business niche and then focus blog content writing on the needs of that niche target market.

Chipotle emphasizes efficiency in customer service, but not by rushing through the preparation and sacrificing quality. Precisely because they’ve put the needed time and care into the preparation, there are fewer customer service issues. “Blogs have informative and business-relevant content that increase traffic…” says Internet Marketing @ Harvard Extension 2011.  When online readers feel their needs are being addressed, versus sites containing purely promotional material, blog posts are able to achieve better conversion rates, is the lesson here.

Like Chipotle’s customers, I tell  business owners and Indianapolis blog content writers alike, your blog may be posted – and your online visitors may arrive – just one at a time. On the other hand, corporate blog writing is the perfect tool for achieving “throughput”.  While even the most unwieldy websites contain only a finite space for text, blogging doesn’t have such constraints. While individual posts are short, the content stays around forever, helping you build equity in those all-important keyword phrases and categories.

You might say the secret of successful corporate blogging for business is serving up slow content, fast!

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