Small Cap Blogging for Business

“Not blogging?  You’re in the minority,” asserts Lisa Barone in, with 65% of small business survey respondents in HubSpot’s annual “State of Inbound Marketing” study saying they are using corporate blog writing.

Well, at Say It For You, we are most certainly blogging! The fact that the very post you’re reading is #600 in the series brings to mind the S&P 600 stock index.  The S&P 600 covers only an approximate 3% of total U.S. stocks.  Powerful despite that small size? You bet.  As of February 24, the index was up 10.77% for 2012!

Small but powerful is, as a matter of fact, a perfect description for the tactic of using business blog writing to accomplish three goals all business owners have: building awareness, credibility, and trust.  As a corporate blogging trainer in Indianapolis, I call attention to business content writing in blogs as a natural centerpiece for most small business’ social media marketing.

What’s keeping the other 35% of small businesses from using blogs as a business-building tool?  The two biggest fears, I’ve found, are:

  • “Giving away” information and know-how that might prompt potential users to become do-it-yourselfers instead.  In reality, informational blogs have the opposite effect, demonstrating to prospects how knowledgeable the business owner or professional practitioner is!
  • Running out of content ideas. At #600, as you can see, this small business is still going strong; creative content generation is what I teach!  Collaborating with a freelance blog writer can be the answer to owners’ lack of time to devote to creative writing.

Only those who put money into the S&P 600 stocks saw their investment grow by that amazing 11% in two months.  Likewise, only those business owners and professional practitioners who put frequent, recent, and relevant content into the blogsphere on a consistent basis will be able to realize all the benefits blogging for business can bring.

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