Smaller Might Be Better For Radio Stations And Blogs

"Making things happen, meaning sales, web hits, engagements, etc. is not just a function of how many people you reach; it’s also a function of how many times you reach them, and how much you spend reaching them,". Bryan Farrish explains to speakers trying to get radio interviews.

The idea of blogging for business is an almost exact parallel to Farrish’s idea about radio interviews: You want to hit as many people as possible, several times, and do so for the least amount of money as possible, he says. In reaching these goals, he goes on to say, you’re going to have advantages with small stations in smaller markets.

Each one of the advantages Farrish mentions relative to radio fits for blogging, I found…

  • Most listeners need to hear something several times before they act.  (Since smaller stations are more likely to ask guest back, you’ll have several "shots" at your audience). With short, focused blog posts appearing with frequency, you’re more likely to not only "win search", but gain repeated opportunities to spread your message. Through links and archives, your Individual readers are easily able get back to earlier posts, or navigate to other sources you’ve found.
  • Small stations are more likely to put you on their website, plus announce your website during the interview, Farrish tells speakers. Readers are more likely to leave comments on your blog rather than communicate with you through a traditional website.  Its simple for interested readers to sign up for an RSS feed to your blog, and even list it on their blog roll. Traditional websites are not flexible – or small – enough to move with ease among online conversations.
  • With smaller radio stations, you’ll reach a larger demographic of listeners (with fewer stations in small cities, each station has a broader spectrum of people listening to each). With blogs, the reach is basically unlimited!
  • Smaller stations’ advertising rates are less. You can’t get lower advertising rates than the zero space-cost for blogs!

    When you think about it, smaller might be a lot better for both radio stations and blogs!


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