So Who’s Counting in Your Content Marketing Blog?

This past Easter alone, informs us, Americans managed to consume some 90,000,000 chocolate bunnies. If, by this point in time, you’re thinking “Who cares?, Just try this fact on for size: 76% of those chocoholic citizens expressed the opinion that the bunny’s ears should be eaten first.

As is more than evident from social media and referral sites, people are unfailingly interested in who-else-is-doing-whatever-it-is-your-company-is-recommending-I-do. Blog readers in particular look at what others are doing when making an online purchase of a product or service. To put it another way, consumers are influenced by references.

Of course, when I’m doing corporate blogging training, I advise business owners and professionals to use statistics for three other reasons as well:

1. Attention-grabbing

2. Mythbusting (statistics help prove the reality versus the widely held misperceptions about your product or service)

3. Demonstrating the extent of a problem leads into showing readers ways you can help solve it

Online marketing executive Tom Pick agrees, saying that “the careful use of numbers is one valuable method for maximizing communication while conserving space. To my list of reasons why using numbers in SEO marketing blogs is a very good idea, Pick adds the following:

 4.Numbers add precision. Words like “some,” “many,” “most” and “few” give us only a vague sense of quantity.

5. Numbers are shorthand. Numbers can convey a great deal of information with minimal verbiage.

6. Numbers are compelling. The precision of numbers adds weight to an argument or claim

So who’s counting in your content marketing blog? Are you??


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