Some People Want To Blog Because It Works!


The other day I mentioned author Seth Godin and the names he’s coined for different categories of blogs. Well, the same Seth Godin’s got a blog of his own that I find fascinating.  He blogs about selling, he blogs about raising money for causes, about time management – I mean, Seth Godin’s got advice on a whole host of topics, and I almost always find it advice worth heeding.


One of Seth’s recent blogs might have been written with me in mind. You see, as a professional ghost blogger, I not only spend a good deal of time planning, researching, and writing business blogs, I spend a considerable amount of time discussing blogging with folks who’ve heard about blogging, but aren’t 100% sold on this new marketing tool.


Just as Seth divides blogs into categories, he divides people into categories, too, remarking there are four kinds of people in the world.  Some people want to do things because they are interesting. Some people want to do things because everyone else is doing them. Some people are satisfied/scared/shy/lazy and don’t do anything. And then, explains Godin (this is the part I really like), some people want to do things because they work!


In one of my own earlier blog posts, For Songs Or Blogs, Success Proves The Best Silencer Of Critics, I drew a parallel between ghostwritten songs that brought success to the artists who performed them, and ghostwritten blogs that contribute to the success of a business.  I stressed the idea that, if consistent, targeted blogging honestly speaks a corporation’s message, whether written word-for-word by the business owner or in cooperation with a professional ghost blogger, it can lead to long-term marketing success for that business.


Effective blogging takes a lot of effort.  So, what I tell business owners is this:  Don’t blog because you heard about it and it sounds interesting.  Don’t blog because everybody else is doing it.  Blog because – blogging works!


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